About Jim

Hi there! My name is Jim Connor, I’m a 30-years-old guitarist, vocalist and drummer, and I’m happy to welcome you in my blog! This is a place dedicated to the love of my life – namely, music.

Since I was just a kid, I always knew that I would be a musician. My parents bought me my first guitar when I was like six or seven years old. Later, in high school, it turned out that I’m rather good in singing. So, a couple of my buddies and I decided to create a garage rock band named The Terminators. We did not earn worldwide fame, but it was fun. After all these years, we still gather together from time to time to play all that songs we loved when we were young 🙂

When I was already in the college, I realized I wanted to try something new – so I started to learn playing drums. I still don’t think I’m really great in this – my skill in playing guitar, for example, is way better. But this is a nice experience that opens up new possibilities in creating music and, more importantly, in understanding how it works.

Now I work with several bands as a session guitarist, write music for indie videogames and sometimes play with my mates just like true rock stars (we even have a little group of fans)! Here in my blog, I want to tell people about my work and my hobby (which is practically just the same), musical instruments I like and use in my sessions, tips and tricks that might be helpful in creating music – and sometimes about my life, as it is inseparable with music!

Hope you’ll enjoy reading it and find the information helpful and interesting! See you!